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Plot Rental

Garden plots at East Meadows Community Garden are available in the spring of each year.

Registration Information

Returning Members

Members must register and pay for their plots each year. For 2023, the cost to rent a regular raised bed is $20 (or pay what you can).


Returning members: 

Registration and Annual General Meeting information will be emailed in the spring.

Registration Priority

Registration priority goes to:

  1. any returning members who gardened at East Meadows last summer and who wish to garden again this year, and

  2. any person who was a registered user on a plot last year and who is going to take over as the registered member for that same plot this year. 

The remaining available garden plots will be assigned to people on the wait list. Priority may be given to new members who live in the immediate area and/or returning members from previous years who were in good standing at the time they previously ended their membership with the garden, but who were not members last year.

There is one elevated bed which can be assigned to garden members who require the accessibility of a garden plot above ground level.

Prospective Gardeners

To join the waitlist, please email us at:

Depending on demand, you may get a plot right away or you may be offered one throughout the season.

No payment is due until you are offered a plot. If/when you are assigned a plot, payment will be due immediately. There are no refunds. 

In addition to paying the plot rental fee, each garden member is required to participate in a work team (e.g. compost team, communal beds team) and to participate in communal work days, for a total contribution of about 5 hours throughout the gardening season. 

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